The April 15th, 2017 Roanoke Comiccon is the first installment and event of the Roanoke Valley Comiccon convinction located at the Tanglewood Mall. The Con features various characters from each universe like Batman, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan and more.

This event also marks the debuts of the characters like Batman from the said series, Azura from Fire Emblem Fates, Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail, Baxter from Super Baxter, Sailor Cosmos from Sailor Moon, Spider-Man from the said series and so on.


Winner of April 2017 Comic Con: Blake and She-Bot 3825141

  • Those with a Golden Text indicates that the character has won that comic con.

The Characters are the heroes and villains from each universe they come upon on. The Character who had the most cosplayers during that year was The Joker and Harley Quinn with amount of 15 Total of them. The Winners of that year were Blake for 15 and Under Aged Cosplayers and She-Bot 3825141 for 16 and Older Aged Cosplayers.

There were other Characters, however it was hard to determine what their name was as a Fictional Character.

There are a total of 44 Characters that appeared by Cosplayers on April 15th's Comic Con date.

Characters are listed by company and placed in order of the date they were revealed.

Batman Mugshot

Robin (Damian Wayne) Mugshot

The Joker Mugshot

Harley Quinn Mugshot

Poison Ivy Mugshot

Catwoman Mugshot

Red Hood Mugshot

Terra Mugshot


Damian Wayne

The Joker

Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy


Red Hood


Kylo Ren Mugshot

Spider-Man Mugshot

Captain America Mugshot

Deadpool Mugshot

Dr. Horrible Mugshot

Steve Mugshot

Natsu Dragneel Mugshot

Azura Mugshot

Kylo Ren


Captain America


Dr. Horrible


Natsu Dragneel


Eren Yeager Mugshot

Baxter Mugshot

Gunther Mugshot

Link Mugshot

Zora Mugshot

Skull Kid Mugshot

Steven Universe Mugshot

Pearl Mugshot

Eren Yeager





Skull Kid

Steven Universe


Ron Weasley Mugshot

Hermione Granger Mugshot

Draco Malfoy Mugshot

Joseph Joestar (Part 3) Mugshot

Mabel Pines Mugshot

Eric Cartman Mugshot

Star Butterfly Mugshot

Princess Mononoke Mugshot

Ron Weasley

Hermione Granger

Draco Malfoy

Joseph Joestar

Mable Pines

Eric Cartman

Star Butterfly

Princess Mononoke

Negan Mugshot

Mavis Dracula Mugshot

Mercy Mugshot

Aqua (KonoSuba) Mugshot

Winston Zeddemore Mugshot

Skull Grunt Mugshot

Sailor Cosmos Mugshot

Super Saiyan (Character) Mugshot


Mavis Dracula



Winston Zeddemore

Skull Grunt

Sailor Cosmos

Super Saiyan

She-Bot 3825141 Mugshot

Wasteland (Character) Mugshot

Tommy Cooper Mugshot

Blake Mugshot

She-Bot 3825141


Tommy Cooper



  • There were a total of 8 Jokers and 7 Harley Quinns in the event.
  • Some Characters were transgenered by Cosplayers like a female Negan showing up or a female Eren Yeager showing up.
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